The CNN courtroom sketch from the first Microsoft argument. “We sweated blood, blood, blood,” argued Antitrust Division head Anne Bingaman.
(Chapter 10 “The Bigger Picture”)

Trying to stop a merger of the two largest legal publishers : legal newspaper cartoon. “We are powerless to do anything,” lamented one law librarian.
(Chapter 15 “Monopolizing the Law”)

Objecting to Anne Bingaman's settlement with Microsoft: computer publication cartoon. “It defies common sense,” I argued to the judge.
(Chapter 10 “The Bigger Picture”)

The Supreme Court tackles computer software: legal newspaper cartoon. “What case do you find that in?” demanded the Chief Justice.
(Chapter 7 “Trial by Ordeal”)

Keeping the Microsoft investigation alive: computer publication cartoon. “Netscape’s Complaints Will Collect Dust,” read the newspaper headline.
(Chapter 11 “The Ties That Bind”)


PeopleSoft’s employees printed up T-shirts to show their support for management’s resistance to Oracle’s hostile bid.
(Chapter 16 “A Hostage Taking”)