National Law Journal

“Considered the protector of the marketplace for dozens of Silicon Valley companies.”

The New Yorker

“He has been called a crusader, a grandstander, an intellectual, a zealot, a quote machine, and on a recent cover of Wired, ‘Bill Gates’s worst nightmare.”
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Wired Magazine

wired cover
“If there’s one person who’s going to help define antitrust law for the 21st century, it’s Gary Reback. . . . Reback’s words and convictions dig and tear because they carry such mammoth repercussions.”
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The New York Times

“Brian Kahin, a law professor at Harvard University, said the briefs filed by Mr. Reback in the Microsoft case raised ‘some very important issues that we don’t really have a policy framework to address.
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The Wall Street Journal

“With PeopleSoft leaning heavily on antitrust arguments as a takeover defense, Mr. Reback appears to be set once again to play a prominent role in a tech-industry drama.”
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San Francisco Chronicle

“‘He’s kind of like a hero for the underdog,’ says Nina Schuyler, who follows Silicon Valley for the San Francisco Daily Journal, the legal newspaper.”
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Business Week

"The Attack Dog Who Took a Chunk Out of Microsoft"

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“The battle was just beginning. On June 23, 1995, the Justice Department had received a letter from Netscape’s outside counsel, Gary L. Reback, sent two days after a Netscape-Microsoft meeting. . . . The Netscape-Microsoft meeting and Reback’s letter led to the most watched antitrust trial of the century, and the first real test of the century-old doctrine of antitrust in the Information Age.”

U.S. v. Microsoft: The Inside Story of the Landmark Case