Reback "brings to life some of the most significant antitrust disputes in a conversational tone that combines personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes back-stories. ... The audience is anyone who has ever bought, buys or plans to buy anything anywhere in the U.S."
Daily Journal

"Reback demonstrates, in a way the lay reader can surely understand, the devastating effects of the efficiency-first monopoly-friendly antitrust-narrowing Chicago School. ... No wonder this is such a delightful book to recommend."
— American Antitrust Institute

"A fascinating, must-read brand new book by noted antitrust lawyer Gary Reback."
Legal Research Plus

"Reback has returned with a book, Free the Market!, in which he argues that government must do more to protect innovation and fair play."
San Francisco Chronicle

“You can read his account as eyewitness history . . . a memoir of legal warfare . . . Free the Market! is a white paper meant to influence a new government in Washington, D.C.”
— San Jose Mercury News

“Gary Reback offers a powerful defense for government’s role in protecting market competition. He draws from rich historical examples and his own extraordinary personal vantage point: his victories and defeats at the front lines of the most high-profile antitrust cases of the past two decades.”
— JONATHAN ZITTRAIN, professor of law, Harvard Law School


“FREE THE MARKET! will serve as the manifesto for a new approach to governing business. The recent past demonstrates that harnessing greed for the greater good takes a diligent and enlightened government with an effective but soft-handed regulation. Reback’s tales from the front line engage the reader in a much needed change of mindset.”
— RANDY KOMISAR, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and a consulting professor at Stanford University


“For anyone hoping to compete against dominant industry players, Reback’s book offers a startling education as to the potential role – or absence of a role – that the government might play.”
— DONNA DUBINSKY, cofounder Palm, Handspring, and Numenta