From Apple’s brazen, bet-your-company legal gambit to Borland’s gut-wrenching Supreme Court argument, from Microsoft’s crushing barrage of anticompetitive assaults to Oracle’s audacious hostile takeover of PeopleSoft, Gary Reback paints a vivid tableau of government policy gone awry.

Reback, one of the nation’s most prominent antitrust attorneys, describes how, starting about thirty years ago, a group of conservative law professors and economists pressed for curbing long-standing rules that governed the interaction between a business, its competitors and customers. These proponents of laissez faire advocated much more limited antitrust rules, relying on companies to be self-policing and markets to be self-correcting.

Free the Market! provides a riveting, inside look at the ways big companies have gradually recovered their market-dominating powers – damaging consumer welfare, entrenching industry incumbents, and making life miserable for entrepreneurs in the process.

In this eye-opening book, Reback offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between government and business and calls on the new administration in Washington to adopt competition policies that foster innovation and economic growth.